Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain on my Heart...

It's raining today.
And it's a bit chilly, too.
Not a welcome forecast after our summer~like temps.
It's also May.  
Time for romping in the sun and soaking in the pleasures of Spring.
Not staring off into the dreariness that is our present state.

I look outside...
and I see drip, drop, drip.
I hear...
wait, be still, and know.

Wait for Me as the rain WILL stop.
Be still for the sun WILL shine again.
And know that in this world, as it spins in orbit, I Am in control.
I look outside...
and I see my heart.
Thump, thump...thump, thump...thump, thump.
And there too I hear...
wait, be still, and know.

Wait for Me in all things.
Be still in my Presence.
And know that My will is what is best for you.
I Am in control.

Could it be that rain is God's lesson in patience to us?

If it is...
God, rain on my heart.
Give my soul a deep understanding of Your love
so as to bring forth a bounty of fruit.

In my contemplation and prayer...

Dear Jesus,
I'm waiting on You.
I'm standing in the stillness of Your peace.
And I know You hold my heart in your hands. 
You are in control.
I love you.

(I'm sharing this as part of the Mom's 30-Minute Blog Challenge over at SteadyMom.)


{larkandbranch} Stephanie said...

that is so beautiful Kelli!

Christie said...

Beautiful Darling.

Holly said...

Eloquent and beautiful.

Leslie said...

What a beautiful prayer!