Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yarn Along...

Joining Ginny at Small Things today for her Yarn Along...

Things have been a slow go the last few months with my knitting and reading.  But as fate would have it, my son is becoming more and more independent as the days go by, so I've found time to cast on a couple projects here and there.  It feels good.

The first is a beginner lace scarf that I actually started a while back, but I ended up frogging the whole bit.  I cast on again with bigger needles (sz 10) and doubled the pattern to make it even wider.  Now that I have a good deal established, I'm thinking I'll join it to make it a cowl.  Here's the pattern.

And just last night I cast on this hat for my hubby.  I'm pretty excited with how it's going as it is my first hat and knitting in the round project in general!  It's a great pattern...I plan on using it for my my little ones as well.

As for reading...we picked up a couple knitting/yarn books that I'm enjoying flipping through.  And "I'm Borded" by Michael Ian Black is so cute!  We have an over abundance of that phrase in our house so we've really had fun reading that this week.  For school, the girls and I are also reading "Little House in the Big Woods".  A title I was never blessed with reading as a child somehow...I feel a little slighted.  But boy am I digging it now!  

Happy knitting and reading!