Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart...

Ok...so this is not typical of my normal posting, but I just had to share.

And before I show you what I'm about to show you I have to note that I have not a clue about decorating.  I'm totally dense when it comes to any type of decor.  What we have furniture-wise and even hanging art wise is there because my husband had it before we married.  Please don't assume he has a clue about decorating either...he went to the furniture store and bought entire room packages right down to the lighting.

But seriously, our house is void of color (except for the home office and Emma's room).  We have zero nick~nacks.  Aside from a couple prints, there are very few pictures displayed.
It's sad.  And as much as I would like to do something about it, I don't know where to start.

Not to mention, mine and Jon's styles couldn't be more different.  He prefers more contemporary, sleeker lines...and dark colors.  I don't mind dark colors, but I like me some light too!  And I go for a more rustic style...or vintage...or euro-inspired.

That's confusing isn't it?  Contemporary, rustic, dark, euro~vintage.
No wonder I don't know what's going on.

Anyway, I found these pics and I fell in love.  I don't think it would work in our current home, but this is me...right now in my life.  If I could pull it off I would.  I have a feeling dear hubby would laugh in my face, though.  Just ask my buddy Amber about when I asked Jon about a farmhouse table....

Here we go...all photos are courtesy of Country Living.

Oh mercy me... those bookshelves are beautiful and they MIGHT just hold all our books.

Be still my beating heart...I will have you dear sink...one day, don't you worry.


Now I'm dreaming of my future house.
{honey (jon) are you reading this?  take note.  this is what i like.  i think we can make it work, don't you?}
{stop laughing}

Ya'll have a great day!!


Michelle Spahr said...

I use to have a subscription to Country Living. I LOVED it! Makes me miss our old MN house. It was a step closer to these pics than our current house. Sigh. I love our house now, but really loved the antique-ness of our old house. Are we soul sisters???

amariaf2000 said...

When we're old and grey and crazy (and our older husbands have gone on to meet Jesus), we will live in a farmhouse and be roommates! I love the vintage look, and as we know....this will NOT work in our house!

luv ya
~angela @ peonypatch

Holly said...

I can picture you living in that type of house. I am actually clueless when it come to interior design and we have bought the packages of furniture...hubby and i cannot agree on anything! Since we moved here though, I think my style has evolved...I decorate with what I love and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I love it and I do not care! PAINT - that is the best...it transforms everything.


PS-If my kitchen takes a few months I will be there visiting you!

ClassiclyAmber said...

Girl! You should have told me that you were looking for a sink like that! I have come across free ones on CraigsList! Now...I don't know what you would DO with it once ya got it, but you could save it for either your renovation or your next house! =-D Or maybe Jon would like it after he saw it all coming together?

Those pics are gorgeous. I am definitely a fan of Country Living!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

I'm always dreaming of my future house! Decorating is so much fun and so rewarding! Love the pictures!


Miss Mommy said...

I love the black and cream toile.