Thursday, April 22, 2010

Writing Nooks in the Bedroom: Part Deux

Remember this picture?
You can read all about it HERE!

This of course is the BEFORE shot!!

Let me tell you.  I have been a busy little girl on this writing nook of mine!
I took the desk that was serving as my sewing table and put it in this corner then threw in a few decorative touches and PRESTO!!  Instant creative sanctuary!!

I have to note though, I'm missing a desk chair.
Nannie and Papa are gone, too.  But they will return!!  I promise!!
They were in a frame that was too big for the picture and it just irked me. 
If I'm going to have a space of my own (and in order to crank out masterpieces) it can be nothing short of perfect.  Nannie and Papa are getting a new frame and they will be back where they belong in no time.
For the time being Toulouse Lautrec resides there.

I've also got a few little shelves to put up, but I'm holding off on that.


Are you ready??



And a close-up...

What do you think!?!

I'm all set right!?!  Well, I need a computer, too (note: I'm currently using the hubster's laptop for bloggin' purposes)!  But for now I'm going ole skool and using a trusty pen and notepad.  Yep...that yellow notebook right there holds it all.

Which, by the way, I have most of my outline already mapped out!!  Woohoo!

Have no idea what I'm talking about?
Read about my writing adventure HERE!

Do you have a space you're working on for yourself?  Is tell!!  And get right on it!  You'll be so glad you did!!

I'm sharing this as part of Things I Love Thursday over at the Diaper Diaries!  Check it out!!



Teaching Money to Kids said...

ooh, I love before and after pictures. Thanks for sharing

ClassiclyAmber said...

You did great, girlie!! I had to come on here to check it as soon as I got a minute, and this is awesome. I know that you are lovin' your new nook! I'm glad you will be putting Nannie and Papa back, too, because that pic is fabulous!

Well, you saw it today. My space, that is. ONE of these days, it will be what I want it to be, but I've gotta lotta work to get there! Keep me accountable so I'll get it done quicker.

NOW: onto that first chapter of your book! It's due on my desk by Monday noon. Don't be late!

Parenting in blue jeans said...

Much better. I'm a big fan of before and after shots! Well done!

Holly said...

LOVE it! LOVE it! Very inspiring...I need a nook...will you come make me one? Really, it looks fabulous!

Brianne said...

I've been awaiting this post! ^_^ You did a GREAT job!