Monday, April 26, 2010

Every Day is a Gift...

We went home to VA this past weekend to celebrate Emma's birthday with my parents.
It's always challenging traveling with a two-year-old and a dog.
We desperately need a van.
And Emma is cutting her molars.
Away, she will only sleep with Jon and I.

As much as I love spending time with family...
It was good to be back in my own home.
In my own bed.

But while we were gone (and even now that we're back)
something stuck with me.

At my dad's there was a little decorative plaque hanging on a door 
and it said, "Every day is a gift."

Emma kept going back and forth, back and forth to it.  
Touching it.  She even kissed it once.
Then finally she ran up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me over to it.
She pointed to it.
"Jesus!" she said.
"Jesus is King!"

This lasted for a little bit then she moved on to other things.
And as confused as I was (in that moment) to how she got "Jesus is King" out of the door hanging...
Today I get it.

The wisdom of a toddler...

We all have two-year-old days.
Things aren't comfortable.
We're cranky.
We miss out on sleep.
And life seems like one big road trip in an over crowded sedan.

But Jesus IS King.
And every day IS a gift.
From Him.

Won't you be encouraged in that?
Won't you take some time today to practice being in His Presence, amidst all the craziness of your life?
And be thankful.
Because everything, EVERYTHING (every joy, trial, challenge, blessing, lesson and day) is what it is
Because God loves us.
Have faith in that and let it change how we do life.

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