Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday....

"The planets, their civilizations and their loads of people, all need a central sun- to hold them together, to keep them wheeling in good order, to bequeath them shape and meaning.
History needs a center.  But if that center is empty death, strengthless death, it cannot hold.  Things fly apart into absurdity.  Finally, every deed is hollow, ourselves mere spasms in a mindless infinity, and all our glorious history remembered only so long as it is; forgotten, when it is not, forever: a nothing.  A vanity.  We are the dreams the comets can't recall.  We were, for a while, a walking dust.
But the Creator God put a cross in the very center of human history- to BE it's center, ever.
The Son of God, the gift of God, the love of God, the endless light of the self-sufficient God filled the emptiness which was death at our core.  People, here is eternal life in the very midst of us!!
Now, therefore, it is the person and the passion of Jesus Christ which defines us; and because of him we go no longer down to nothing: our end is the beginning of a perfect union with God, the Beginner of Everything."

~Excerpt from Reliving the Passion by Walter Wangerin Jr.

Oh how Jesus adores us, that he suffered immense pain and then death so that we might know the love of God.  Remember that today, friends.

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