Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Woman, you are loved...

There's this woman who I see walking near my office building every time I'm headed to work.
In fact, I only work two days a week, but inevitably, it's timed perfectly that I see her both days each week.
If I'm lucky, she even comes to buy cigarettes at the restaurant in my building and I get to see her there.

I think she lives at the apartment complex across the street...
which supposedly houses "the less fortunate."

By "less fortunate" in her case it would have to mean mental stability because when I do see her buying her cigarettes, she pays with a wad of cash...like hundreds, not dollar bills.

She talks to herself.  And she's rude.  She wears her winter coat no matter the weather.  And she's a little stinky, too.  I don't think she owns a bra...if she does she doesn't wear it.  She's missing several teeth.  And she speed walks with her cane.  She has a tick.  She also rocks out some pretty cool sunglasses, despite the rest of her disheveled appearance.

She's odd...no doubt about it.
And people stare, snicker and whisper when they see her.

But honestly, when I see her I'm reminded how awesome our God is.
That may sound funny, but it's true.
The first time I laid eyes on her I knew immediately I was to pray for her.  
I have every time I've seen her since.
And every time God has reminded me of His love and providence.

She frequently has food in her hand (a sandwich or biscuit), so she's not going hungry.
She is clothed, be it awkwardly.
Because there are organizations that establish housing for "the outsiders" of our society, she is blessed with a roof over her head.
She rides the bus, so she has bus fare.
Her "smarts" might not all be there, but she knows how to get to and from the bus stop and home.
She has cigarette money.
She's may walk with a cane, but at least she can walk.

And she is loved.
By God and by me.

Now...let me try it with myself...you do it too.

I had sweet tea this morning and a sausage biscuit with hash browns.
My outfit came from the goodwill, but I love to thrift shop anyway.
I have a beautiful home.
We are blessed to have two cars and are now looking for a minivan.
God has given me a love of words.
I have fabric money.
I run to scoop up my Emma everyday.

And I'm loved.
By God and countless friends and family.

Won't you thank Jesus for all that you have today.

As if food and shelter are not enough...
You are loved.

(I'm sharing this as part of the Mom's 30-minute Blog Challenge over at SteadyMom.)

Blessings friends,


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Thank you for this post, Kelli. It was a beautiful read.

As for me, I enjoyed a homemade parfait for breakfast, wearing my volunteer t-shirt for Bible club later, and a pair of capris that used to be my friend's jeans. I am happy. And loved, of course. :)

Brooke McGlothlin said...

Beautiful post today my friend. Exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Awesome how God places encouragement right in front of us. I do that too sometimes. When I see people who are struggling in some way I pray for them. Partly because my heart hurts for them and I know the only thing I can do is pray and partly out of obedience. Thank you.

Lisa said...

Kelly this is such a beautiful post! You are a blessing .:)

Kim & Dave said...

Amen, amen & amen!!! We are very blessed!

ClassiclyAmber said...

Okay, I wish that you wouldn't talk so openly about me on your blog!! [Heheee~!]

THIS is one of your best posts ever! Truly. It's a beautiful reminder on being grateful, and I needed to read it.


se7en said...

That is such a great post... I just love the thoughtful process!!!

Missmayhorn said...

I loved today's post! It moved me so much I cried and that's not because I am 38 weeks pregnant and emotional :). Love you!

Iris McWIlliams said...

Hey Kelli!!

I LOVE your Blog! Stopped by from your Feature and Giveaway at 504 Main. :) FABULOUS Aprons Mama!!!! (Secretly VERY much hoping I win!!) I really love this post. I will be honest, Im not religious, but I am spiritual. Regardless, I think we all need to be grateful for all that is good in our lives and stop dwelling on so much bad. I am SO incrediby grateful EVERYDAY for my 2 happy, healthy, smart, funny, AMAZING and beautiful little girls. They have made my life! :) Ive been blessed with the BEST friends anyone could ever wish for, and the ability to always believe in myself, no matter what. Thanx for helping me to remember all of that today. It was greatly needed. :) I hope you will stop in and visit me on my Blog, "Till death do us art", sometime. :)

Take care!

Iris :)

Love the Decor! said...

Amen to that!!
Kelli you are a dear sweet thing I love how the Lord can use just ordinary "ole us" to do His work Thanks for the encouragement today!!