Friday, January 2, 2009

Twilight the Movie

I went to see Twilight the Movie while I was home for the holidays. I could barely contain my excitement (like a little schoolgirl) as we bought our tickets and despite mediocre reviews, I set out to ignore them and happily form my own opinion.
Which was sure to be a superb one I might add. My mom was with me as she insisted on seeing the movie before she read the book because most movies aren't half as good as the actual read. However, again, I just new this movie would be different.

It wasn't.

As for the casting, I must say, all of the actors met my expectations for the characters, especially Robert Pattinson as Edaward Cullen. But that's where the buck stopped for me.

Overall, I guess it was ok, but my imagination must be too vivid for my own darn good because the director left a lot to be desired in telling what she thought was a decent representation of Stephenie Meyers' masterpiece. That may be why she was replaced by someone else for the next movie based on the second book, New Moon.

My main complaint wasn't so much the acting or the storyline (which stayed fairly true to the book); it was more the graphics. They were really poorly done. I mean I know with a low budget production you can't get the same caliber as say The Matrix or Harry Potter, but you can at least have better make-up!! On a positive note, though, it did have some great dry humor- that aspect was portrayed excellently.

In any event, I will most definitely go see the next installment when it hits theaters in November and I still remain a faithful fan. But for the time being I'll stick to the Forks, WA and Edward Cullen of my mind!

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