Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

This cartoon is by no means a representation of my relationship with my husband, I just thought it was really funny!!

My resolution this year is to actually keep my resolutions!!

For the past several years, I have resolved to read my Bible daily, floss more and lose weight. And for the past several years I have failed miserably at doing so.

But this year is different and I feel a motivation unlike any other time in the past. Maybe it's because I'm a mom now and I know that with this new year there will be so many changes and developments in my little girl's life. I know there are a ton of reasons, but for this one reason, I want my resolutions to spill into Emma's life, thus inspiring me to keep them.

If I read my Bible and apply God's word to my life then that will reflect into my child's life and I can raise her as a godly mother should and as God instructs me to. If I lose weight then I'll be strong and healthy so as be here for as long as possible and if I floss, she'll learn good dental care!

I really do want to stick to this this year and I know I say that year in and year out, but again...something is different now.

This year, already, I have so many new things taking place, aside from the fresh start of the new year. I start working different hours for a VERY different pay so we will learn the art of budgeting. I am starting to see a Chiropractor, which will sort out the pains and strains I deal with on a daily basis. This will improve my moods and overall well-being. These two things are huge changes and ones that should be supported by living more healthy and spiritually. We never truly know how long we even have to make a resolution to do anyway, so start living people!!!

And I know I can do this. I actually WANT to do it!!

So Happy New year and may you keep all of your resolutions this year as well!! I'll be cheering you on!

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