You know what absolutely boggles my mind?


I had a dream about two weeks ago that is still so colorful in my brain it’s as if I just had it last night. Or it’s as if it were real, rather. In it were all these details, places, people and times that were merely a concoction of my own brain- it amazes me that we (or our subconscience) is capable of creating entire storylines that have little or nothing to do with what goes on in your daily life. Nor do we have to have even the foggiest of notions about any of the sustance that makes the dream up- it just flows out.

For instance, my dream included a Native American man. I’m reading a book that also has a Native American character in it- I can link those two ideas together. But the rest of the dream, the state this man was from, the house he lived in, the clothes he wore, his upbringing- all of it was a creation of my imagination.

How fascinating…how intriguing…

I would love to know what it all means. And not in the “oh you dreamt about a having a baby, that means a new beginning” sort of way. I mean, what I am supposed to do with it. How am I supposed to use it? Of course not all dreams are as poignant, but this latest one, most vivid…

There’s something there, there’s something to it.

On a different note, this brings to mind how totally complex and intricate we are! God is one smart cookie to have created us and though we are but feeble humans in comparison to Him, we are still made in His image and that makes us pretty remarkable beings. To think even deeper that our minds are but a reflection (beit a minute one) of His mind.

I’m not venturing to state that I understand God by any means, but it just helps me to appreciate even the little things (like details in a dream) because I know that that is how I was created to work. That my amazing and creative God made me this way.

Hmm…..pretty neat I think.