Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sew What! Skirts

I got this book from the library not too long ago and it  is the most fun!  Chock full of skirts, it walks you through drafting patterns and sewing up your own lovely creations!

Now, I have to note, I'm not a skirt girl.  If I were to label myself anything it would be a jean girl, but most days you'll find me lounging around the house in yoga pants.

But as Spring approaches, it turns my thoughts to colorful, feminine, twirly skirts.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl and every Easter I got a beautiful new Easter dress.  And if memory serves me well, I remember being so proud of those dresses/skirts, twirling and courtesying here, there and everywhere.  Like a little princess.

All of the ideas in this book were cute, though there were a couple that we too short for my liking.  But one in particular really caught my eye.  It was beautiful and I just might try whipping up my own.



Oh, can't you just see yourself leaping through a meadow in this skirt?  Barefoot, with the wind in your hair?
I can just invision!

Or gently lifting it off the ground to gracefully climb into your suiter's carriage?

Top it with an eyelet peasant blouse and a big straw hat...

So romantic!

Maybe I'll have a new pretty for this Easter as well, huh?

What sewing endeavors are going on over at your house??  Please share!!

(I'm sharing this as part of Works For Me Wednesdays over at We Are That Family!  Check it out!)

Blessings Friends,


Christie said...

I have not sewing going on on Buffalo Road... and that is a good thing! Enjoy your book! Love you~

Mom2fur said...

That book looks like a lot of fun!

Holly said...

Kind of in love with that book. I used to only wear skirts...seriously I thought it hid my thighs...I'm a dork. I do love skirts...but I love my jeans..maybe that is why I love your aprons...I can wear jeans and an apron and feel like I have both going on...OK< I am babbling. I am getting ready tot get the sewing machine has been in hiding and I cannot wait!