Monday, February 2, 2009


I went to the Chiropractor today.

Last week I had inquired about what sort of exercises I could be doing since I was feeling better. I got my news today...

Dr. said, "No exercise for you!"


I mean, I know I'm the one that asked, but I was highly anticipating that I wouldn't like the answer because I HATE to exercise!! Then he tells me not to do anything (yet). Of course I LOVED this answer, it was just unexpected. Dude is like the Holy Grail of men- women have searched high and low for a man that will look at them with loving, concerned eyes and say those coveted words..."No dear, please don't exercise"....!!!!!! And I found him!

HOLY GUACOMOLE!! I've hit the mother load!!

This guy is genius and though I know when I am finally able to workout, he is going to have little Physical Therapist Megan whip me into shape. But for now, no matter how brief a time, I can revel in the fact that I don't have to exercise. I don't have to tone up. I don't have to whittle my middle or turn my flab into fab!

I can just be....

The amazing, untone, borderline flabby, hatin' on sweat, get tired even watching my kid play self!!

By the way- that pic up there is a real book! Ha!


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Christie said...

Chubby Club... here we come! HAHAHAHAHAHA!