Monday, February 2, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised...

I haven't watched Saturday morning cartoons in forever...well, since I was a kid. But the more Saturdays that my husband and I spend at home, I find myself flipping through the channels to find nothing else but the multitude of animation.

Emma's too young at this point to understand what she watches, but an hour of her being mezmerized by the latest colorful character allows me to catch up on laundry and maybe get a shower. So, we turned on the Saturday morning cartoons and let her sink away into her trance that lasted a solid 45 minutes.

Now, I don't expect much from television in general. Most of what is on is vulgar, profane, laden with sex, infidelity, cursing and so on and so on. My expectations were no different for these children's shows; I just prayed for something that wasn't violent.

Anyway, we settled on 3-2-1 Penguins. I'd never heard of this show, but Emma seemed interested and it was way better than the anime on the other channels so we stayed with it.

To my surprise, at the very beginning, the Granny character was teaching her granddaughter (Michelle) about the importance of keeping promises. And then (this is the best part) Granny breaks out a book titled HOLY BIBLE and read a verse from Proverbs. My mouth hit the floor. I was amazed at what I'd just seen (a cartoon Bible) and what I'd just heard (a cartoon character talking about Scripture)!!! On public TV! I ran into Jon's office and was spouting, "Oh my gosh!! Granny just read the Bible to the little cartoon girl!!"

Isn't it sad that we're shocked when this happens?

But to think I had concluded that ALL programs were inappropriate (even children's shows). Only to learn that there are stations and producers and writers who do still care about the young eyes and ears out there. There are actually shows dedicated to teaching children right and wrong, life lessons and even (gasp!) about God!


Then, as if my day couldn't get any better, Veggie Tales came on and the episode was a loose translation of the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Again- total amazement!

Thanks Qubo Channel!

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Amber Davis said...

YES! Isn't that cool?
I thought I'd tell you that 321 Penguins is made by the same people who make Veggie Tales...which is also another reason why they come on back-to-back, I suppose. =-)