Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Daggum Facebook!
The new "Note" going around is this 25 Things list. It took me three days to come up with all of it.

1. I still pick apart the cleanliness and organization of most Target stores.
2. Because I was a manager there for three years.
3. I love the Goodwill!
4. I'm learning to sew.
5. I hope to write a book one day.
6. I interned at the Peace Corps in Washington, DC.
7. I used to write for an Arts and Leisure Mag. in Roanoke, VA.
8. I am my grandfather's namesake.
9. I talk to my mom once, sometimes twice a day.
10. I used to collect keychains as a kid.
11. My dad let me drive a skid loader when I was about 8 years old.
12. I swallowed a checker (a small one) when I was a kid.
13. I'm terrified of spiders.
14. I'm terrified of big, dark houses too. Even my own home. The second floor is the worse for me!
15. I talk to myself- A LOT!
16. My husband and my daughter are my life.
17. I don't know how to use my IPOD.
18. I'm a sucker for cookies and cream anything.
19. I'm a huge Dave Matthews fan.
20. I've been to Belgium.
21. Went to NATO while I was there.
22. At one point in my life I had over a hundred pairs of shoes.
23. I was prom queen my senior year.
24. I was homecoming queen in college.
25. I hate watching the news.

1 comment:

Amber Davis said...

Yeah...I've been tagged a gazillion times already with this thing on Facebook and am really fighting to not have to do it.

I can't believe that you used to be a shoe freak just like me! I used to have to STORE my shoes in boxes and boxes everywhere because I didn't have room for 'em all! I think that you had me beat with over a hundred pairs of shoes, though!