Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Forgotten Size "cough cough" Jeans

As much as I wanted to write something for today's Works for Me Wednesday, I just really wasn't hitting on much to share.  That is, until I stumbled upon my "skinny" clothes in the back of a long forgotten closet.

But before I get into that...make sure you head on over to We Are THAT Family for more stuff that works for other people today!!  And while you're there, share what gets your goose too.

So, I keep things.  Not things like newspapers from 1972 or little porcelain figurines from AVON that my great-aunt was going to throw away.  No, I just keep clothes, and shoes...regardless of whether they fit anymore or not.  HA!  Regardless if they will ever fit again at all!

That's what brings me to this post.

I was rummaging through some things upstairs earlier this evening when I stumbled upon several boxes of clothes that have been packed away for quite some time.  I said earlier that these clothes had long been forgotten, but I retract that comment.  It's been within this past year or so that I've actually thought of them rather often.  But only because I've heard their snickers from afar

You see, these clothes are my "skinny" clothes.  And I haven't been able to wear them since I got pregnant with my daughter.  NOTE: we won't go into the fact that I wasn't far from out growing them before I got preggers!

Anyway, they taunt me.  They remind me of the size and build I used to be and it makes me sad.  So to make myself feel better I eat a couple oatmeal raisin cookies.

Mooooooving on......

For some reason, tonight I got the bright idea to try on some of the jeans.  And you know what??

I actually got into a pair!

Granted, they were REALLY tight and they were from Banana Republic, which I think runs big, but I got them buttoned and that's good enough in my mind!!  AGAIN- we won't go into the fact that the next pair of size "cough cough" (which happened to be the same as the first) wouldn't even get up over my hips.  I have a feeling they ran more true to size, but never mind that, I'm happy with every ounce of seeming progress I can get my hands on.

I've got a lot of work to do before I can wear these jeans out in public.  I didn't share just how tight they were.  But nonetheless, it felt nice to know that if I get my rear in gear I'll have more than three outfits at my disposal.

Anyway, the point of all this is, if you gain weight after having a baby, keep all your clothes.  One day, maybe one day, you'll be able to button a pair of your skinny jeans again.  Not to mention it feels like you've got a whole new wardrobe to welcome back into your life.

And that Works for Me.

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Debbie Marks said...

Kelli - you are a NUT! Everything you write is SO TRUE!