Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: Jane Austen Marathons

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How ironic that I just came off of a weekend full of guilty pleasures so where better to share than here!?!

My vice:
Grown up girl time (while the children are sleeping), sharing a glass of wine and commencing upon a two day Jane Austen movie marathon. For old ladies, we ended up staying up way past our bed time!

I have to admit, that aside from the theater version of Sense and Sensibility, I'd never really paid much attention to Jane Austen. Though I love that movie, reading that or any other tale of hers seemed an impossible task. Then throw in the behemoth that is the A&E special of Pride & Prejudice (it's 6 hours long) and it's just something I've never aspired to do.

However, having said all that, the mere thought of being able to do that in the company of my dearest friend in the whole world made it rather appealing. So we set out, put the kids to bed, crawled up on our own respective couch/ loveseat and pressed play!

Ahhhh, the romance, the language, the castles and countryside, the dresses (OH! the dresses), it all screamed beauty! I now know I was meant for another time and most definitely in England. As bold as it is to think I would be of a distinguished family, Christie and I joked, we instead would be the peasants dumping trash on the streets from a flat window in the city.

Moving on.....

By the way, I've tinkered with the idea of my first born son's name being Fitzwilliam Darcy Mayhorn, but I think he would get teased. Children just don't understand poetic literature these days, nor gentlemanly behavior, so I've settled upon Colin instead. (Colin Firth played Fitzwilliam Darcy in the P&P movie version.)

Since this period escapade, I haven't been able to separate myself from all things Jane Austen. I declare I'd get a lot more done if I weren't constantly looking at this stuff.

Some of my favorites from etsy


And let us not forget the Do-It-Yourself Sewing Patterns @ Sense and Sensibility Patterns

With that, I'm now going to curl my hair in ringlets and sip some tea.

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Christie said...

It was a good time! And our tomato bisque was marvelous!! I love you...