Friday, October 23, 2009

Hooked on Friday: Fall Make-up and Skincare

Welcome to Hooked on Friday's where today I'm going to talk about a few of my make-up and skincare favorites.  You can jump in as well.  Just head on over to Hooked on Houses and tell us all about what you're hooked on, too!

It never fails with the cool Fall weather coming in bringing change, so too, my daily skincare regimine has to change as well.  My skin, during the Summer, is extremely oily so I use one of those "squeaky clean" cleansers and no moisturizer at all.  I don't have to.  But no sooner then the temperature drops, my skin turns to a flaky mess.

There have been few years that I have actually made it through a Fall/Winter season where I found a combo that work well together, short of the Mary Kay TimeWise line I used years ago.  I love that stuff, but again, my skin is fickle and I can only use it a few months at a time before it revolts.  It's the strangest thing.

So most years I try TONS of products, some of which are ok, some that I'll never touch again and rarely ones that I catalog and become a hibitual user of.  It just so happens when I do get used to (and grow to love) a particular product, the maker ends up discontinuing it!  HA!  It's all a conspiracy!  But hopefully that won't be the case with these next few products.

By the way, I am in no way being reimbursed for endorsing this list of products.  It's just my personal opinion.  I feel being a woman automatically enters you into a sisterhood of when you find something uber-girly that you think just might be the holy grail of cosmetics, then you share it.  That's just how it works and that's the purpose of my post.  That's all.

So with that I'll start with the skincare.  I have found two products that I have come to adore.  They work with my quirky skin.  I hope if you try them they work for you, too.  Both are farely new, which is why I decided to try them.  And both are also extrememly affordable!  No "La Mer" $100 skin cream here!
(no offense to to those who use the La Mer line, but I try to focus on frugality on this blog as well)

My skin care arsenal:

First I cleanse with Olay Dual Action cleanser + pore scrub.  Or liquid gold as I like to call it.  I have huge pores and this stuff shrinks them down in one use.  I'm not kidding.  My skin immediately felt like a baby's bum with smaller pores the first time I used it.  And now after using it for some time, I must say, I think my skin feels amazing and looks pretty good too.  I particularly like the dual action part of it.  You're getting a cleaner and an exfoliate all in one.  And it really cleans.  Some people like toners after cleansing, but I think this stuff thoroughly cleans your skin and leaves it feeling soft (not greasy~ I hate that), but not taute either.

So on to the next product:

I put Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Q-10 Face Lotion on after I wash my face.
Like I mentioned, I only use moisturizer in the Fall/Winter.  And most of the time I only use it once a day.  My skin can still get oily at times so I mostly use this during the day since it has SPF in it. Another reason why I don't use it at night is I want my skin to breathe.  Again, with the big pore issue comes blackheads, which means I get yucky build-up on my face, so I'd rather not sleep in that.  Once a day is sufficient for me. This too, is not greasy, like some face creams.  Well, it's not even a cream, it's a lotion and it is very light.  I'm of the age where I need to pay to fine lines and I think this is a procuct that is particularly attentive to that issue for those of us that need to start thinking about how to care for our aging skin.  Now if you're 20 and reading this, bless your heart, you don't need anything "Anti-Wrinkle", but feel free to use this if you'd like.

And that's it in terms of skincare!  Now, I do have a few cosmetic staples I want to share as well.  These are things no woman should ever go without!  Even if you do nothing else in terms of make-up, these three things will make you feel like a beauty queen!

Mascara~ Eye Shadow/ Liner~ Lip Gloss

Here are my favorites (again, all quite affordable):

Maybelline Colossal Lash is the greatest stuff since sliced bread and I'm picky about my mascaras.  Two words: BIG BRUSH!  This brush makes your lashes look AMAZING!!

Now DuWop's Amber Eyes Trio w/ brush is a little more of a splurge coming in at $22 a pop on QVC, but it is the only eye make-up you will ever need.  It works with any eye color, even making your eyes POP!  And you can use just one color for those lazy days or use both shadows plus the liner for a more glamourous look.  It's well worth the investment.

And lastly,

 There is this stuff~ Badger Certified Organic Lip Balm.  I don't wear a lot of lipstick; mainly only for special occassions.  But I would be lost without this here "chapstick".  It's really glossy and silky.  And it comes in awesome flavors.  My personal favorite is the Ginger/Lemon!  This, I think, is a must have for wintery chapped lips!

And that's it!!  I hope You've enjoyed my suggestions!  Maybe I've included something that will help you amp up your own regimine!

Happy Friday, Happy Fall and may the Make-up force be with you! 

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Melissa said...

I've been looking for some new mascara... I'll try this for sure! Thanks, Kel.