Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Yarn Along- A Prayer Shawl

Beginnings of my Honest Warmth Shawl- Windsor (color) Homespun Yarn by Lion Brand

Joining Ginny over at Small Things today for my very first Yarn Along!!

For months I have followed her beautiful Wednesday entires, as well as those that post along, in hopes that I would one day be able to contribute something as well. But seeing as I'm a newbie knitter, all the expertise was (is) intimidating. That and I couldn't seem to manage anymore than a 3x3in bit of knitting before I became disgruntled with my mistakes...ripping it out. Purling gets me all out of sorts.

Then came a new year.

I decided I would choose a project that was farely simple, yet challenging for me at the same time. Ravlery, Pinterest and Lion Brand Yarn became my new best-friends in my search.

I stumbled upon this Prayer Shawl that I fell in love with. It's called the Honest Warmth Shawl by Lion Brand and it will be perfect for what's left of a very cold winter. It is simply a garter stitch shawl with only one yarn over at the begining of each row. And though I had never knit with circular needles, I'm finding it to be easier than I had expected.

So far, my shawl is chock full of mistakes and I don't know that I'm super crazy about the color, but it's made it past 3x3in and I'm pretty proud. Boy, am I excited to finish this!

As for reading, I've been taking my time getting through The Friday Night Knitting Club. I figured what better book to spur on my new found hobby! It is a good book so far. I just always leave too much time between where I last left off and I have to constantly re-read chapters so I know where I'm at. I think I do this because I'm preferring non-fiction to fiction right now ( I go through phases). Which is why I am reading The Resolution for Women as well. I've only just begun reading it, but it is indeed hardcore. Based on the movie Courageous, the first pages were blatent in that the book and the contents it shares would be convicting. I love reading material like that. Conviction is good. And though I'm not that far in, I'll let you know how it is as I continue on!

Can't wait to show you my progress next week! As well as seeing all of your beautiful creations in the Yarn Along!

Thanks for reading and Happy Knitting!


ClassiclyAmber said...

So glad to see you posting again! And this soooo makes me want to pick up my knitting needles. We should teach our girls! =-)

Stacy said...

Welcome to Yarn Along. I love that shawl, I may have to add it to my collection of wanting to make items. My mom makes prayer shawls but I've never tried. I'm reading Friday Night Knitting Club and I'm having trouble getting into it...we'll see if I follow it through.

JNCL said...

I've never made a prayer shawl before, but it's something I've started wanting to get involved in. My mom used to crochet blankets for people, and they always found it such a blessing and comfort. I think it would be a nice thing to get involved in.
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Lori ann said...

yes welcome to yarn along! your shawl looks beautiful, i really like the color.

Rachel Proffitt said...

definitely welcome :) And the shawl is looking lovely- keep up the good work!