Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Things...

Ten things that I absolutely adore...

1) My Jesus
During this season of Lent I'm walking closer than I ever have with my Savior.  He is revealing truly remarkable (and sometimes even painful) things to me.  His love is one that I can never completely understand because He did what none of us (myself included) would ever do.  He died for me.  And though it hurts to know what all that entailed, I'm thankful His passion was great in extending grace to my sinful soul.

2) Holding my Hubby's Hand
I can be having the worst day ever.  Straight up crummy.  That man can reach for my hand and everything becomes calm.  He is my rock.  I yearn for his love and touch.

3) My Girl
This child makes everything right with my world and I couldn't imagine it without her.  She makes me want to be better at everything.
(photo by again by ClassiclyAmber Photography)

4) SouthPark real estate in Charlotte, NC
I will never own (nor would I want to~ too much cleaning) any of these ridiculously large and expensive homes, but I just love driving through the various neighborhoods checking out architecture and landscaping.  If only I could see the inside of one of these suckers....
Tour of Homes here I come!!

5) Our home and our jacked up grass
Having mentioned #4, I have to pay particular attention to our home.  It's smaller, we have ugly lanscaping (though this pic shows the old~ we've perked it up a bit), and I hate cleaning this one too, but it is truly our safe haven.  It is where we have fun as a family, where memories are made and where God keeps us warm and dry.  I'm so thankful for this house.

6) My Family
They're creepy and their kooky....oh wait...
Seriously, I love my family.  We're a weird bunch and some might even call us a little crazy.  But I'd rather be called crazy and be rich in love and joy then to be sane and not know a hill of beans about it.

7) My Friends (both real and bloggy)
You know who you are.
It seems as if some of us have been cut from the same cloth.  For others, we are as different as different can be.  But I love you all.  You spark inspiration in my day and help me to strive at being all the Kelli I can be!  Thank you.

8) My Klean Kanteen
Ok, so I was trying not to go with actual products (though there will be another one at end), but honestly, I'd be lost without this lil' baby.  27oz of pure water fun.  I used to never drink water, but now that I keep Barky (affectionately named because the color happens to be called Tree Bark) with me at all times, I get my fair share of H2O in.

9) My Cookbooks
Thanks to my aunt for downsizing her roughly 1000 cookbook collection years ago, I got to start my own.  Note: this is but a fraction of what I have now.  I love looking through these darlings.  Oh...the food, the photography, the instruction.
I think from now on, instead of sitting in a bookshelf only to be used when I cook, I'm going to make some of these beauties coffee table books!

And last but not least...

10) My new Natural Home Bamboo Cookbook Stand
I just got this from Target today.  I've been in the market for a stand for some time and though I originally wanted something metal, I couldn't resist the streamlined design of this one.  I can't wait for it to cradle one of the beloveds from above.

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Holly said...

Sweet list. I especially love the holding my husbands hand one and of course your girl. Amber's photos are magnificent too. You rlist was thoughtful and thorough with of course the best and most important at the top.

The Diaper Diaries said...

I recently got a cookbook stand too and I can't get over how much I love it!!!! It makes cooking so much easier.

Melissa said...

I really want one of those stands now!!