Friday, June 26, 2009

Hooked on Friday's: Homemade Laundry Detergent


For today's Hooked on Friday's I'm hooked on Homemade Laundry detergent!!

Thanks to my creative homesteading friend Amber over at Classicly Amber for providing the recipe and instructions for making this stuff! Check out her post (and all her Lovin' Laundry posts) for ingredients and how-to here!

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical, but after having done about eight loads now using the homemade detergent, I know I'm hooked!

Having set that, there are a couple things I will do differently in making it next time.

I used store bought goat's milk soap, which has a light scent. That's ok, it's nothing overwhelming like your regular store bought detergents, but for my next batch I'll get a two pound loaf of handmade (and unscented) goat's milk soap from Etsy. Here's a link for a base soap batch, though not goat's milk- click here.

I did grate my own soap- it was the most time consuming part, but not bad! Actually, it kind of relieved a little stress!!

This is not a difficult process at all and considering the amount of money it saves, it's worth the tiny bit of elbow grease involved! Not to mention, once your laundry is done, it'll smell the freshest and feel the softest then it ever has before (with no fabric softener or dryer sheets to boot)! I highly encourage you to give this a try!

While you're at it, head on over to Hooked on Houses to see what everyone eles is hooked on today as well!


Jane said...

I am so on the fence with this make your own detergent. I totally wanted to try it and then I learned about Charlies soap and now I am torn! I've never heard of goats milk soap before. Blogging opens so many new doors!

classiclyamber said...

YES! I'm glad you tried this! Isn't it awesome? I love it for so many reasons. Thank you for mentioning the added benefit of soft laundry without the softeners and dryer sheets. I had forgotten to mention that!

Can you provide a link to the Etsy seller of where you're thinking about ordering the goat milk soap loaf? I'm highly interested in that, too! ;-)

I'm still planning on making my own goat milk soap one day and then maybe I can be your source for that? It'd be cool! I'll even let ya come over and milk the goats sometime. Heheee... =-D

classiclyamber said...

Oh coolness! That Etsy seller looks like a good one! Thanks for the link. I am still doing price comparisons on soap crumbles (and now loaves) on Etsy. I'm currently asking my fav soapateer on Etsy if she would sell me her goat's milk soap loaves and for a good price! So if you want, I will let you know what she says...

Bridget said...

I have been considering doing this. Do you have a price break down? I have tried other "homemade" things that just don't compare price or quality wise. I need more convincing.

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Melody said...

I'm wanting to try making my own laundry detergent and I've looked around on Etsy and am really confused as to what to buy...can you tell me where you buy your lb. loaves on Esty? Thanks much!