Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date Night

Nannie and Papa

I often see these types of pictures, from magazine covers over history or even as stock images in frames for purchase, and I'm always left with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I begin to analyze what was taking place when the photo was snapped. See their embrace? Could they get any closer? And his hand at the small of her back, fingers spread out. He wasn't merely holding her, he was gripping her and pulling her into him as if it might be the last time he ever gets to love his dear one. Then the woman, with her head turned almost at the mercy of his kiss, she flings her arms around his neck praying she never has to let go. What was going through their minds as the picture was being taken; what was the photographer thinking as he (or she) was taking the picture? It fascinates me so because whatever the case, be it in this picture or ones similar to it, the love and passion between the two subjects is evident. Nothing is more beautiful than the blatancy of this; the type of love people instantly notice and admire.

Hubby and I had a date night the other night. It had been a really long time since we had had the opportunity to go out, just the two of us. And it was really nice. I was almost nervous and giddy like it was out first date or something. It was a much needed outing and I felt 16 again! We both kind of went above and beyond in the primping department, wanting to look nice for the other one. We held hands and laughed! We went to an arcade!! Seriously, we probably looked like one of those couples that everyone snickers at! But that's ok, we were having a blast with one another. I felt so young and in love, I almost wanted to document the night. I wish there had been a photographer (like at prom) at the arcade because we sooooooo would have been hitting that up! The way he looked at me, the way I clutched his arm. Maybe we could look at that picture years from now and see the "blatant love" in our eyes as well.

We're so fortunate to have friends that reminded us that we needed to take this sort of time for one another every so often. They watched Emma for us while we were out, too. Were it not for them, we probably would have gone forever without dedicating this sort of time and attention to our relationship.

That's sad isn't it?

We go and go and go, giving our all to everyone and everything day in and day out. Meanwhile, we're forgetting to grow and nurture the bond and intimacy with our beloved spouse. We just let love pass us by in the hustle and bustle of life. We get comfortable. And that doesn't mean we love any less, we just don't make it first priority anymore.

I have to concentrate everyday on how blessed I am to have the husband I do. God chose Jon for me, I am certain. And in knowing that, it is only natural that I should be "dating" him everyday. We have to strive for and work towards the essensce of "photo love" like above!

By the way, the couple in the picture are my grandparents. Kelly and Comena right around 1935. This picture was taken just because. No special occassion. None needed. They were always taking pictures like this and I can vouch that this is what they're love looked like well into old age. Papa was crazy about Nannie and Nannie adored Papa.



Michael said...

I have always loved that picture! It's good you've realized the need to nourish your relationship with Jon "early" on. It is difficult to make the time for a true date night all the time, but speaking from a man's point of view, it's needed.
Love ya! Great post too.

Jonathan Mayhorn said...

Great post honey! I had a good time and know that we should make it a routine outing. I love you too.

classiclyamber said...

That is SO sweet! I love it! I have some pictures of my grandparents sincerely kissing like that and now I'm thinking it would be cool to be framed and on the wall!

You're right about taking time for each other and treating the other as special as they truly are. It really is easy to get lost in the day to day grind, but I believe that a husband and wife should take time for one another every single day - for as much as they possibly can.

For us, we believe that it's honestly even better when you can incorporate stuff like this in your everyday life and not feel like you have to always set aside a whole evening to primp and go out to do things (not that there's anything WRONG with those things at all). For me, if I were to wait on the 'perfect moment' like that, then the chances of it happening would be few and far between. My challenge has been making it happen in my everyday life. I'm still working on it again since we've had our 4th baby...but we DO try to put the kids to bed early and then spend the rest of the evening hanging out, being best friends, having fun, etc. =-D

Michelle Spahr said...

I LOVE that pic! Brian and I know how much date nights have kept our love kindled. You just need that time together. Your post speaks volumes! I ditto it all. We love that we were able to provide that for you as you have done that for us. We'll do it again soon! We love you all, Mayhorn family!