Friday, April 3, 2009

Hooked on: Tuna

It's Friday and that means the Hooked on Fridays party over at Hooked on Houses. In honor of spring and my weight loss goals, I'm totally hooked on Tuna!!

This is seriously like the perfect food when it comes to calorie intake, protein intake and overall hunger satisfaction. Not to mention, there's like a 101 ways to fix this stuff! My personal favorite happens to be tuna salad because it's quick and easy.

You know, it's hard keeping a food diary and watching how many calories to take in. Not to mention, it's only a couple of months until bikini season. With all the stress that goes along with dieting, you're sure to pack on a few cortisol related pounds. So I set out to find a simple, stress free approach to insure I stay on track to wearing that hot little number I got a few years ago for my honeymoon. Currently only one butt cheek fits in it, so we've got some work to do!

Now of course, exercise is a huge factor in all of this, and I hate to exert myself too awful much. Therefore, in addition to my tuna filled diet, I'll be working out to the tune of Bob Harper from Biggest Loser with his weightloss yoga DVD!

But back to what I'm hooked on...for dozens of awesome recipes check out the Starkist website! If I eat tuna salad only once a day, that guarantees a delicious, healthy and filling meal all for about 160 calories a pop!

My simple Tuna Salad Recipe

1 can Tuna

2 tsp light mayo or light ranch dressing

1 tsp sweet pickle relish

Stir it all together and Viola!!

I'd love to hear what your weightloss goals are and how you plan on acheiving them so drop me a comment and let's share!! And while you're at it, swim on over to Hooked on Houses and let them know what you're hooked on as well!!


Angela said...

I MUST make myself like tuna! I've never been a big fan, but at 160 c's, I think I can force the issue with my tastie buds! :-)
~angela @ peonypatch

Debbie said...

I LOVE Tuna too! I like using 1 tablespoon of the Kraft Creamy Horseradish Sauce. It really gives it a nice "zing".

I've lost 40 + pounds and am pretty much following the Weight Watchers program. I don't go to the meetings but I know the program and it works for me and hubby. We still have a few more pounds to lose but we like to take time outs now and then to smell the roses. We've decided a long time ago that this is a life long commitment so we're not strict all the time. Balance is key and that's what makes us happy. All the best to you.

Blessings - Debbie

Kelli said...

That's an awesome idea to use the Horeradish! I'll have to try that! And great job on the 40+ pounds lost! Way to go! You are so right about it being a life style change and commitment! Thanks for sharing and good luck to you, Debbie!

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Lorraine said...

Well, I finally figured out that boredom and stress are really my biggest diet enemies. And then I figured out that it is calming and enjoyable for me to participate in interesting blogs and dialogue on the Internet (since I don't have the opportunity to get "out" much). So I guess you could say that your blog is part of my spring diet plan!
I like tuna too, but the canned kind gives me indigestion. I learned on "Good Eats" that it's because they have to completely overcook it when it's in a can to make sure all the bad guys get killed off. The pouch kind if better for that (they don't have to cook it nearly so long), but of course, that's a bit expensive. I mostly just try to buy it fresh when it's on sale at HT. It definitely IS one of my favorites - especially grilled.