Friday, April 10, 2009

Hooked on: Love

Call me sappy if you want! I'm hooked on Love! Maybe it's that Spring is upon us, but I just want to hug everything in sight!

It's Hooked on Friday time and Love is in the air! Swoon on over to Hooked on Houses to tell us what you're hooked on, too!

No, really- this time of year with the budding flowers, the crisp breezes and overall renewal from a sleepy winter, how can you not feel it! ?!

I love my husband with a new heart. I love my daughter with an excitement for what this next year of her life is going to bring her.

I love that Summer is right around the corner.

I love all the bright colors springing up before our eyes.

I love the chirp-chirp of the birds.

I love my family and friends to the point of dizziness.

Ahhhh, it's overwhelming all this love. But you know what?

None of my love compares to the love Jesus showed for us by dying on the cross for our sins. On this Good Friday- Love is abound! Because our God loved us so much, He came as a man to be persecuted among His people and then He willingly submitted to the most painful physical death, all while bearing the weight of the world's sin, then He rose from the grave to ascend into Heaven, leaving us with the promise that we might one day have eternal life with Him should we except this gift of......


Happy Easter weekend to you all. I pray you are blessed and overcome with the love of Christ.


Angela said...

What a beautiful post!!!

Christie said...

I love you... I love Jesus... I love the words He has given you to share with us! Have marvelous weekend filled with love beyond this world! ~ie

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter weekend! I am sharing my testimony on my blog.

hookedonhouses said...

What a happy post!! It made me smile. Thanks! And Happy Easter! :-)

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