Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wewief at wast!

Ever since being pregnant with my beautiful daughter, I have had serious back pain. It seems to have gone from the occassional neck and shoulder irritation to sharp, excrutiating lower back pain and then some dull ache in between. I assumed losing the 40 pounds of baby weight would alleviate the problem, but here we are seven months later and I am still dealing with it.
That is until this past week.
Despite my extreme fear of going to a chiropractor (I had a really bad experience once), I broke down and decided to find one. My search at first yeilded only ones that were out of my network. Though they had been recommended by friends, I couldn’t afford not having at least some of the treatment covered. Thus I turned to Google and went with my gut when I chose the first find.
Dr. John Hanna is a gift from God and he is also gifted by God to do what he does. In only two adjustments, I already feel like a new woman. Though I know the road ahead will serve in actually correcting the problem (a severely curved spine and pinched nerves) not just curing the symptoms; I am simply estatic that I can move with relatively no pain. What an answered prayer!!
To those of you in the Charlotte area that may be looking for a Chiropractor, just see my favorite webpages for the link to Matthews Family Chiro.
By the way, there is none of the harsh snap, cracking and popping invovled- WOOHOO!!

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