Tuesday, September 13, 2011


These early days of Fall find us all learning in our home.
Papa is learning to rest. Most days you'll find him working from home, enjoying both his trade and his family. He's a good daddy and a wonderful husband...but what makes him amazing is he is always learning how to be better at both.
Together, we are learning to enjoy one another and how to pause in this whirwind of an experience called life. It's good. And I for one count myself as blessed to be his partner in everything.
Miss Emma is learning all sorts of fun stuff in our preschool co-op, awana club and her bi-weekly moppets group! It has been so delightful watching her make new friends and bloom and blossom in these learning environments. Best of all, she's learning Scripture and I think that is pretty cool.
Kaelah is learning to talk! Her first word was mama just about a week ago! The rest is just coo-ing for now, but we all do a great job of thinking they sound like dada, Emma, hi and love! She is also a scooter! She scoot scoots everywhere! And before too long I know learning to crawl will be underway!
Mama is learning to be a quiet mommy...both in voice and in spirit. For too long I was just too loud. I would raise my tone and my brain was noisy, too. I'm working on that though. I like having a quiet home.  We are certainly a work in progress, but it's comforting knowing we are working towards more peace.
I have a whole heap of new hobbies of which I WANT to learn...hopefully, one day I will be able to post on the progress of that!
Most of all, I'm learning to be present...at all times. These moments I'm so blessed to experience right now are so short lived. I've committed to striving in being present today and the rest of my days.
I'm learning not to take myself too seriously...to give of myself generously...to love unabashedly...and to explore outside the conditions I've limited myself with for too long.
So many lessons to be gleaned! I could go on and on. I think Fall brings the thinker...and the student out in me. Or maybe the Holy Spirit is pressing upon me to be attentive in all I do. Maybe its both.
But this new season feels good. It's refreshing.

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