Tuesday, August 10, 2010

God's Provision...

We face decisions every minute of our existence.  That is one thing we human's share...it's something we do...have to do...like it or not.

The difference, we'll find, is the ease (or lack thereof) in which we make these decisions.

Some of us are born decision makers and honestly I think I fall more into this category.

There are others that can't made a decision to save their life...we'll call them INdecisive.

Now, despite the fact that I think I'm a natural decision maker, I have to note that this does not negate the other fact that it takes me a LONG time to make most of the ones I face.  I have to do my research.  I seek out advice and recommendations.  I read (too much) on the internet.  I replay scenarios in my head over and over.  I make pros and cons lists.  I wake up at all hours of the night in a frenzy over unanswered questions.

And I pray.

This is where my faith comes in.

Now, if you are a believer in Jesus, you know that He is the ultimate source of guidence.  And usually, for me at least, when I'm looking for an answer, He gives it to me...with an abundance of peace.

But because I can let all that other stuff (like I mentioned above~ the research, the council, the sleepless nights) get in the way, it's hard to hear or see, often times, where He's wanting me to go.

Such has been my life these last several weeks.  At every turn it seemed I was faced with a decision to make.  Nothing bad or difficult I might add, but choices that required only the divine knowledge and providence of my Lord.  Not the subjective, biased and stubborn knowledge of me.

And there have been many a moment in these last several weeks that I have heard exactly where it was He was leading me.  But inevitably, I'd throw a self-imposed road block in there (like lack of trust) and I'd doubt His path.

REMINDER: Even Christ's desciples doubted His power when He turned around and fed 5000 with a couple fish and loaves of bread.  He was right smack in front of their faces and they STILL didn't trust what He was capable of.  So how much easier is it for us to do the same?

But what I'm learning is that, as if God's grace isn't enough, He provides me (us) with an endless supply of love.  He lovingly guides us according to His will, which is ALWAYS good.  And He has the supernatural capability to take our blinders off so that we might see the truth when we have no intentions of even opening our eyes.

In so many ways, He is smack in front of our face showing us what He can do with our lives if we'd let Him.

As if God's grace isn't enough...

He shows up...everytime.
He provides.

In every sense of that word....so you define it however you'd like.

He is that good.

Goodness that good is beyond my comprehension, but boy am I glad that He is.  And boy am I even more thankful that He has the authority to give me a swift kick when I'm standing in my own way, promptly changing my course to match His.

God is the author and creator of this life. 
He reigns over every woe, whim and descion you and I will ever face.
His hand is upon you, whereever you are.
And His grace and mercy and love and understanding and direction and revelation are everlasting.

Will you trust not just your decisions to Him, but your hearts as well.

Will you let Him give you peace over evey aspect of your life.

Dear Sweet Jesus,
Thank you.
My prayer could be long and lengthy, but Thank you says it all.
And I love You.

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Brook said...

I completely agree. Our God is a God of Grace. He's also a God who provides, maybe not on our time table, but in His timing.