Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Award?? My Gracious!!

I have been honored with winning another award ya'll!  And I am just absolutely beside myself with joy!

Jenn over at Rook No.17 gave me this!  What a super cool award!  Jenn and I just recently met through blogging!  What a wonderful group of friends writing introduces you to, huh!?!  Make sure you check out her blog (and her cakes!) HERE! Jenn not only writes, but she crafts and cooks, too!  She's a regular ol' Renaissance woman!  Oh!! AND she just opened up her very own Etsy shop, The Cute Little Shop on the Corner! Check our her whimsical creations HERE.

Thanks Jenn for loving my blog enough to give me an award!  I really appreciate it!!

The rule with this award is I have to pass it on to ten other lovely bloggers as well; notifying and prompting them to do the same!  So here's my list of nominees (with brief descriptions, but these blogs are so great there really aren't enough words to decribe them at all):

1) Angela at Angela's Peony Patch ~ thoughtful and decorative
2) Jackie at The Sweetest Petunia ~ elegant and artistic
3) Amber at Classicly Amber ~ heart and hearth
4) Jamie at A Forest Frolic ~ whimsical and creative
5) Jessie at Made Cunningly ~ faithful and crafty
6)Glenna at Your Fabric Place ~ crafty and tutorials
7) Melissa at My So Called Crazy Life ~ soulful and raw
8) Lisa at Hospitable Pursuits ~ warm and welcoming
9) Angie at Nana's Box ~ generous and good cause
10) Lana at I Love My 5 Kids ~ a momma's pride

Congratulations Ladies!  I love you guys and your blogs!!

Have a wonderful day ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kelli, you are too sweet ;-) Thank you for the award and kind words girl.

Jamie :)

Melissa said...

Thank you, Kelli. Soulful and raw?? Oh thank you... my therapy for sure. I enjoy your blog! Thank you, friend.

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hi Kelli,

I'm super excited about this award! Thanks for thinking of me!!

Nana's Box

Jessie said...

Thanks, Kelli! I do enjoy reading your blog, too! And you've given more reading material with all these other links!

Holly said...

You are racking the awards up..Good job. Good blog! looking forward to seeing the aprons!

Oh yeah, I am grabbing your button and adding you to the blog roll because I {heart} your blog.


Lisa said...

Thank you, Kelli! That is so sweet. I'll post about it soon!