Friday, August 21, 2009

Hooked on: Playing in the Kitchen

PLaying in Kitchen

I know what you are probably thinking....

The title is Playing in the Kitchen, so surely she meant "cooking" in the kitchen.

And I do...I love to cook in my kitchen. I consider my cooking a sort or play time for me, too. But that's not what this post is about.

I literally love to PLAY in my kitchen with my little girl.

It's the strangest thing, but for some reason we have fallen into a routine of just popping a squat down in our kitchen floor and playing, reading books, cuddling, and singing songs. It's the place where Emma and I do some of our real bonding.

Real quick, for all you type A's reading, the floor is clean and everything is babyproofed.

I guess it's because there isn't any distraction here. I mean, besides the new Fridge Phonics toy, there isn't a TV, or masses of stuffed animals and such. It's just us and our imaginations.

I'll have to say, I have come to cherish this time, too. The older my girl gets, the more I fall in love with her and to be apart of her growing and developing into a beautiful's the most amazing blessing I could ever ask to be witness to. So now that she's at that fun age where she "plays back" with me, our kitchen floor time is oh so special to me. All the more so because I know one day we'll be past this stage and on to another. Nothing lasts forever. But for now, it's the highlight of my days.

Like today, just to give you an example...first we did our ABC's with the fridge magnets (while she's in my lap, which I love) and then we played "Mommy's Gonna Get You" where I creep up to her and then tickle the snot out of her and then she bunched up her lovie and we just rested cuddled up together leaning against the cabinets.

Again, this is a weird place for sure to just play, but it works for us. Some people do family rooms, some do dens and lucky kids even have playrooms, but we like our kitchen.

It makes me think back to when my Nannie was living (before Alzheimer's took her mind) and Momma and her would sit in the kitchen and talk for hours. As a kid it irked me to no end because I wasn't allowed in there and watching the news with Papa was soooooo boring. Same with any family gathering...all the adults always end up in the kitchen yakking away. Me and Momma do it now, too. And just recently my best friend visited and where did we stay the whole time she was here?

In my kitchen.

A muti-use facility that includes not only incredible culinary creations, but is also a place of refuge, solace and FUN!

It's my thing...a family thing too, I guess. And I love that I'm getting to share it with Emma now. One day we won't be playing Fridge Phonics, but she'll be helping me cook and eventually shooing her own children out so we can have our heart to hearts.

Focusing on these memories in the making makes me feel lucky and even proud. Looking ahead, it simply makes me happy.

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ClassiclyAmber said...

"Pop a squat down"? I love that! :D And yeah, a kitchen truly is the heart of the home, isn't it? I think it's awesome that you're treasuring all those little moments with Emma. Later on down the road, you will have ZERO regrets!

Michelle Spahr said...

Thanks for the reminder, Kelli. As I watch Z and Emma play today, I just smile. They are into everything, exploring, laughing and yes, sometimes fighting, but it's so fun. They won't stay this way for very long. You have reminded me to spend time just being with Zachary and forget about the "to do" list. Thanks.

cristin said...

I play w my girls in the kitchen too.

Cute blog!