Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Yarn Along...

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me every Wednesday to share a single photo of what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too!~

These banana muffins are some of our favorites here.  Often times I'm not on top of things enough to prepare breakfast ahead of cinnamon rolls or crockpot oatmeal.  But these are quick and tasty.  They can be whipped up in a matter of minutes and please even my picky eaters.  The recipe calls for nuts, but we sub in mini chocolate chips.

Currently on my needles are tiny baby socks and I think they may just do me in.  I originally started with the Perfect-fit Newborn sock, but the closer I get to turning the heel, the more confused I become.  Heaven forbid I look on to the gusset.  From what I can tell, most baby socks are fairly similar in construction so I think I may continue with a pattern I understand a bit better.  Here's one I'm more likely to figure out.  Though I may make the foot a little longer.

The wee chunky hat was a stash buster and it almost didn't become a reality.  I was limited in both the right size dpn's and yarn, but I just kept knitting until I couldn't anymore.  I think it turned out ok.  My baby's have big noggins though, so my only hope is it fits once baby boy arrives.  This is a very basic knit flat hat, no pattern per se, but my Ravelry notes are here.

This week I started reading Hands Free Life and though I'm not very far in, the idea of striving towards a more meaningful existence, apart from ALL distractions (be it electronics, dishes, chores, various responsibilities) is enlightening.  I have such a difficult time separating the fact that I'm not bound by "things".  I have set these self-imposed expectations for myself and I'm the only one keeping tabs.  Of course I can't let my home go to squalor or never get school done with the children.  But none of these things are as pressing as I make them out to be.  Throw in the constant need to be "plugged in" and I suffer greatly from comparison syndrome.  Hopefully this book will lovingly guide me in giving up these ideals because as much as they stress me out, imagine the impact they have on my family.

Also on my reading list are my scripture birth affirmation cards.  I made these three years ago when I had my son (found the idea on Pinterest) and they helped immensely in staying focused on Christ during my labor.  I have no doubt they will be more than beneficial this time around as well.  April can't come soon enough...I'm so looking forward to meeting this little guy.

I'm joining Ginny today over at Small Things for her weekly yarn along.  I so enjoy being a part of a collective project, seeing everyone's handiwork and inspiration.  It brightens my day each Wednesday.  Please check it out!


DesertSnowdrop said...

Ohhh the socks are soooooo little. My gosh, I cannot imagine turning the heel on those! lol Your little hat is to die for. There is nothing quite like knitting things for your baby. It just makes you feel so connected to them! Cannot wait to see how the socks look.

Christine N said...

The heel and gusset on socks are always the most daunting part for me. The gusset is usually simple though, you knit back and forth on one section and then you end up picking up the side stitches and doing decreases until you reach the needed stitch count for the rest of the sock.
Hope that didn't confuse you even more! YouTube had been awesome at helping me learn new knitting skills, especially with socks. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Love the idea of having memory verses to focus on through labor! My babies are grown women now and one just gave birth this weekend to her second. I'm sure the Lord will be with you throughout your labor and bless you as you try to focus on Him. I try to memorize a verse a is amazing, isn't it, how they come to you when you most need them. Wishing you the best through the rest of your pregnancy.....sweet hat ...... take a deep breath on the socks and watch a few instructional videos on heel turns and gussets and before you know it you will have hand knit socks under your belt.

Jayne M said...

Love your yarn bowl! And those little socks are too sweet. That book sounds like a great read. I was reading something that sounds similar last week, I Tried Until I Almost Died. It was about setting too many expectations on yourself and then, of course, never living up to them, never finishing your to-do list every day, and then feeling like you have failed. It was very much like me!
All the best.

Debbie said...

Ooooooooh dear, I have "heard" that socks are difficult, I can't even think about baby socks!! I looked back on your hat, it is precious!! I really like that knitting bowl and you book does sound good!!

My labor was quite difficult and I did very poorly. 25 hours....10.8 lb baby, I hope you do better than I!!

Elise said...

The knitting looks gorgeous, although I think those tiny socks would try anyone's patience! Love that wee hat :)

kathy b said...

This is the first book on today's GInny along that I want to read!