Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yarn Along...

Joining Ginny over at Small Things today for her Yarn Along...

I'm knitting a hat again.  This time for me...this pattern.

It's a quick and easy knit and I'll be excited to have a new winter hat for myself.  However, the pattern called for wool-ease thick and quick...I'm not a fan.  Next time I'll get a little crazy and pick out my own yarn.  

So, last week I cast on a Botanical Cowl with a lovely yarn I purchased this past summer at a little shop near the beach. Oh my, it was/ is exquisite and though it's fingering weight (never worked with fingering) I loved knitting with it.  The way the yarn slid effortlessly off and onto my stainless steel needles...what an enjoyable knit.  But alas, it was 240 stitches long and I can't handle that amount of leisure knitting right now (remember the last two quick and easy projects).  I had to frog it.  I'll be revisiting it AFTER all the holiday knitting is over.  And it will be MUCH shorter.

For now...hats.  Hat knitting is good.

Here's a picture of last YA's finished project (on my very handsome hubby).

 Not much on the reading front...other then perusing through all of your posts!  Can't wait to see what everyone is knitting up!!


Donna said...

Sometimes you have to substitute the yarn - it just takes time and I'm usually so impatient! I love your finished projects. Happy Knitting!

Anonymous said...

I like that hat pattern. Hat knitting is good. I always feel like I get a lot accomplished with hats :)

Natalie Buehler said...

Ooh I like the look of that slouchy hat. I look forward to watching it progress.
Marigolds' Loft