Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello...Is it me you're looking for?

I had hoped I hadn't lost you forever.
The way pregnancy tends to go, I was beginning to wonder.
But you're back and I'm oh so glad.
With a few new tweeks of course, but that's ok.
Now you have lumps and bumps, a little more sag and some stretchmarks, too.
Even a battle scar to prove your latest babe did in fact come from your womb.
Your skin is reaking havok and your hair is a wirey mess.
But, let's look on the bright side...
You can fit in your pre-pregnancy jeans again.  And most importantly your wedding ring, too.
Welcome back my non-pregnant self.  I have missed you terribly.
You don't know how nice it is to see you again.
Stick around for a while if you don't mind.

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