Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God Eavesdrops...

Remember that infamous church sign I saw a couple weeks ago that read,
"Short Sermon Week"?

Well, again on my way to work today I passed the same sign and now it reads,
"God Eavesdrops".

This sign makes me think. 
I'm starting to take a liking to it.

I was seeing this right at the exact moment that I was marveling over God's providence...
and in utter amazement that He IS involved in the minute details of our lives.

I was riding the fine line of wonder and doubt.

Does God really care about that?

Oh, He eavesdrops alright...

But it goes way beyond that as well.

I experienced an answered prayer today.  Nothing earth shattering.  Nothing major.  But a prayer nonetheless.  I had a simple worry that I let get to me until a few days ago when I said...you know what...God did not create me to worry.  Tomorrow can worry for itself.
And I handed it over to Jesus.

Today, my worry no longer exists because God provided an answer to my need.

The thing with eavesdropping is you can choose to sit on the learned info or you can use it.
God already knows what's in your heart so He doesn't have to "eavesdrop" per se.  I think what He's intent on hearing is...
your surrender.

So He can move in your life.

God can do anything...
He can change any heart...
He can move mountains and remove any obstacle...


He is involved in every facet of our lives.
Because He loves us.

But sometimes, not that He's standing idly by, we're just too busy paying attention to all the other junk plaguing our lives to notice that God is on our side.

He's eavesdropping and He's doing something about it.
Because He loves us.
We just have to learn to accept it and let Him.
Then be amazed.

Dear Jesus,
I love knowing that you take care in the little things of my life.  You are involved with everything, both big and small, that consumes my heart and my mind.
Lord, I give it to you.  And I beg you to work in my life and in the lives of those I love.
I pray you open our eyes to Your majesty and Your handiwork, no matter the concern or the worry.
Amaze us with Your attentiveness.
And answer our prayers, please Dear God, in Your will and Your way.
I love you,

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