Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Conversation with a 20-month old...

Emma wanted to watch her Thomas movie for the forty trillionth time today.  I had to distract.  It worked for a little while at least.

Emma: Where Thomas, toot too, mommy.

Mommy: Upstairs

Emma: Oh

Emma: Mommy, Eiiidy (Lady the train) Thomas, toot toot?

Mommy: In your bed (she has a stuffed Thomas)

Emma: Oh

Emma: Mi na mi na na Thomas, toot too? (Sorry, I only made out the last part)

Mommy: In your room (again, referring to the stuffed Thomas)

Emma: Oh

Emma: Thomas toot toot

Mommy: He's not down here, he's upstairs.

Emma: Oh

Emma: Offin mommy boots, Thomas toot toot.  (Mommy take your boots off, Thomas toot toot~ I have no clue)

Mommy: Taking my boots off....

Emma: starts screaming crying

Welcome to our life!

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Holly said...

Oh that sounds so very familiar! Jules is 24 months!