Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: Recipe for Beauty

NOTE: These are old recipes for two beauty tonics used by my great-grandmother. PLEASE DO NOT EAT OR DRINK!!

In honor of today's Tasty Tuesday and a recent bout with stubborn adult acne, I'll be posting not about any random culinary creation, but rather about a couple of old recipes passed down for a skin toner and zit cream.

So ladies, put that $200 night cream away, go to your medicine cabinet and take notes (or just print this post- whatever works)!

My Momma's Nannie (not the Nannie of Nannie's Recipes- she's mine) supposedly used these and her skin was smooth as a baby's bottom, even well into old age. My Momma's skin is the same way. Maybe it can be attributed to this stuff I'm about to share with you, maybe it's good skin genes....whatever it is, I want some of it because I was not blessed in the good skin department. Unless of course I'm pregnant, then my skin is AMAZING! I guess it was a nice trade off for the cankles and stretch marks.

I digress.... where was I? Oh yes, Beauty Tonics! Forgive me!

I used (well, and still do) to use the Zit cream as an adolescent for those pesky breakouts and it WORKS let me tell you! In fact, the Zit stuff is my husbands personal favorite! It really sets the mood.....you'll see why...just keep reading. Just don't forget to wash it off and run to WalMart. People will stare.

When you're done here, skooch on over to Balancing Bedlam and Beauty to find maybe something nice and chocolaty to go along with your new complexion armory.

Here's the goods on the goods!

Beauty Toner

Equal parts Rosewater and glycerin.

Fill up a pretty bottle and shake before each use. Dab a little on a cotton ball and swab all over your face and decolletage. Let dry.

ZIT Cream or Paste or whatever you want to call it.

Calamine lotion with just about a teaspoon of Campho Phenique mixed in.

Shake before each use and apply to problem spots (preferably at bedtime), let dry and then wash off. You'll look pretty goofy with this on. In my case, I skip the problem spots and just put it all over my face right before bed. Remember what I said about this being hubby's fave? Need I say more?

Ah, the things we do in the name of beauty!



Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love the old picture! I promise not to eat this. ;) Visiting from Jen's party. :)

classiclyamber said...

Oooo cool! I especially love the sound of that beauty toner tip! I think making this stuff and bottling it up would be cool to give as gifts. =-)

Jennifer Raper said...

Where can you find Rosewater?